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Win an iPod touch

Another great competition from Eating Ideas! Win an iPod touch and enjoy your favourite music while you are cooking!

If you like to listen to music while you are cooking you will love this prize from the lovely people at Loose Strings!  We have an iPod touch to give away to one lucky reader.  To win it all you have to do is comment on this post saying what music you like to listen to while you are cooking.

The winner will be selected at 12 noon on Wednesday 7th September- Best of luck everyone!

60 responses to “Win an iPod touch”

  1. EEEKKKK!!! Fingers toes and everything else that can be crossed is crossed for this AMAZING GENEROUS prize thank you loved shared publicly x

  2. Is it strange that I like listening to music dependant on my dish? There have been many an evening with Matt & I dancing around the kitchen to the Spanish guitar recently
    Super give away x

  3. What an amazing prize! So very excited to enter this! Oh I love listening to rock music when I cook, everything from classic Guns n Roses to AC/DC!

  4. Has to be relevant to whatever I am cooking or inventing !! If I need general inspiration it’s T Rex!!!! Boogie and bake 🙂

  5. Has to be the amazing “Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf” It’s upbeat, motivating, i can happily dance to it and yeah i’m hungry like the wolf when i’m cooking hahahahaha ( infact when am i not hungry like the wolf, now that’s the question )

  6. I love cooking and music this would be perfect for me, I’m in need of a new ipod touch mines is outdated. Great comp thanks Lynne for giving us the chance to win this fabulous ipod.

  7. My music taste changes depending on what I’m cooking and who I’m cooking for. But usually it’s one of my playlists of standards – Tony Bennett, SInata, Streisand, Ella etc. I can sing along very loudly and annoy my daughter and the neighbours. Perfect cooking accompaniment!

  8. For me, you can’t beat a bit of Lionel Ritchie…from cooking Breakfast at the weekend I like listening to ”EASY” Sunday cooking a Stirfry to ”DANCING on the CEILING” …Thanks for the chance to Win

  9. Depends on what I’m cooking, who it’s for, and who can hear me if I feel the urge to sing along. If I’m alone, I tend to listen to Dusty Springfield and I belt it out with her as I cook. But if my partner is within earshot, or if he’s in the kitchen with me, I have a mixed playlist including the Beatles, David Bowie, Abba, to name a few, and now and again I listen to a bit of 90s indie music. I’ve got one massive playlist, but could do with an ipod touch to keep my phone away from my kitchen, as well as to build better playlists for my mood(s).

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