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Coffee blooming with Wanted Coffee

Wanted Coffee organised a coffee event as part of their sponsorship of @FoodNIhour. I was invited along to find out more and with only a bit of apprehension about breaking my no coffee after noon rule, I happily joined the thong of coffee devotees to be educated about their premium coffee service.

Wanted.Coffee is a unique coffee club subscription service that delivers small batch, single origin, luxurious, freshly ground coffees to your door every month.  This event, hosted by Marks Design in Belfast was set up for us to learn more about the company, its coffees and the bespoke service that it offers.  In truth, I am known to be a bit of a luddite when it comes to coffee so I relished an opportunity to educate my palette!

When we arrived, we were introduced to Brew master, Paul Devanny, a Scottish coffee expert who was tasked with taking us through the various coffees on offer and how to get the best out of the brewing process.  Paul started by showing us how coffee as we know it starts as green coffee beans and the soil from the region where its is grown, gives it its unique character.  He then went on to perfectly brew three types for us to sample.  There are lots of ways of brewing coffee, chemex, aeropress, cafetiere etc but Paul opted to use the V60 drip coffee maker and shared with us some of his top tips:

Top tips

  • Number one- use 21g of coffee to 300 mls of water for the perfect brew
  • Number two- wet the paper filter before adding the coffee to take away any residual taste from the bleaching process
  • Number three- as you are wetting the paper filter, use the water to warm the pot
  • Number four- add the water slowly to the ground coffee and keep it moving to release the C02.  This is how the coffee “blooms”

Paul brewed us coffee from Sumatra, Ethiopia and Columbia and as we sampled them we were able to discuss the different flavours, accents and qualities.  The Sumatran coffee is really smooth, the Ethiopian was lemony but not acidic and the Columbian was earthy with a hint of toasted popcorn (yes really!)

At the event I managed to have a quick chat with Master Roaster, Martin Symington who explained that this Lisburn based group of coffee experts has spent years searching for, sourcing and roasting some of the world’s most exclusive beans to enable them to offer their subscribers the choice of four roasts every month. His view is that people in Northern Ireland are sophisticated when it comes to coffee and appreciate the subtleties and differences in flavours. Therefore there was an opportunity to bring people a choice of quality coffees to try.

If you are interested in subscribing to Wanted Coffee, you can do so by visiting the Wanted.Coffee website. You can sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months and choose whole bean or ground. Every month, you can view the latest coffee line up and take a shot on the one you think that you will like the most. Then the Wanted.Coffee team roast it and post it. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Best of all, the team at Wanted have offered Eating Ideas’s readers a 10% discount for the 3 or 6 month subscriptions.  Just use the discount code TENEATINGIDEAS




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  1. This sounds like a good opportunity to try a variety of interesting coffees from around the world. I am sure that my father would like to try some of these as he is partial to a nice coffee.

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