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Win a Fabulous “So-Fest-icated” prize from Yelp Belfast

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Another amazing giveaway! To celebrate the launch of their So-fest-ication campaign, the lovely people at Yelp Belfast have given Eating Ideas an amazing gift package for one lucky reader to win. You could win a Great taste award winning cheese hamper a bottle of "wine of fire" and a fantastic mystery voucher. To enter, all you have to to is comment on this post saying why you should win. The winner will be selected at 12 noon on Wednesday 30th November.

About So-Fest-ication

Yelp Belfast’s latest campaign “So-Fest-ication” is underway!  This is a one month celebration of all the sophisticated elements of Belfast giving you the chance to upgrade yourself in time for Christmas.

Make the inaccessible accessible and learn about food, wine, cheese and style this November – be the most sophisticated person at your Christmas dinner and commit yourself to a month long journey today!  You can find out more about So-Fest-ication here

Make sure to sign up to Yelp for reviews, lists, events and more.  You can sign up here

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35 responses to “Win a Fabulous “So-Fest-icated” prize from Yelp Belfast”

  1. My hubby is a massive cheese fan, the smellier the better. I on the other hand have my eye on the wine on fire. Looks fabulous!

  2. I would love this to share with my bestie who’s recovering from surgery. After a few weeks of being sensible we now seriously need to have a catch up & let our hair down. This would be the perfect excuse

  3. I’ve never heard of wine of fire until now but I’ve Googled it and I’m really intrigued – it sounds very special. And if I’m going to cheat on my Slimming World plan I might as well do it in so-fest-icated style!

  4. Please pick me. I’m a mum of twins who never spoils herself, or gets a break, and always puts her kids first. I would just love to feel spoiled

  5. I should win this fabulous “So-Fest-icated” prize from Yelp Belfast because I have Great Taste and I can never get enough of wine, and that mystery voucher might help put out the fire after guzzling thon wine!

  6. I’d love to win I don’t know much about my wine and cheese but I’d love the chance to be a little more so-fest-ication please

  7. My grandad always put together an amazing cheeseboard. It’s our first Christmas without him and we need to keep the tradition going in style!

  8. WOW!!! i would absolutely LOVE to win for my partner’s birthday!! he is big into his wine and would SOOOO appreciate this type of gift!!! thankyou ever soooo much for the chance of winning 🙂 xx

  9. 2016 – 2 graduations, 1 wedding, 1 son away to Oz…would be a wonderful treat to win this prize to finish a fabulous year off in style with my friends!

  10. My Mummy –

    I came into the world, just last year,
    With great joy and many a tear.
    For eight months now, I have grown
    With many a cry, and a little moan.

    I have thrown my food in every direction.
    While Mummy looks for any protection.
    My collection of nappies is growing fast.
    But will my hobby ever last?

    I sleep at any time I choose.
    When I awake, Mum’s having a snooze!
    She has large bags under her eyes,
    Looking after me, it’s no surprise!

    My mummy has seen this every day,
    Yet her love has never gone astray.
    I wish I could repay her everlasting love.
    Maybe ‘Some Wine and Cheese’ can answer the above?

    Lots of Love
    Baby Kirsty Dunlop

  11. I would love to win as a birthday treat for myself (sure why not!) I might even share with my husband if he happens to make me breakfast in bed that day 🙂 Thanks for the fab giveaway xxx

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