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Win a Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar

Monday, October 31, 2016

WIN WIN WIN this fabulous Hotel Chocolat advent calendar for two and count down to Christmas with someone you love! All you have to do is comment here saying who you would like to share yours with and why!

Want to count down how many sleeps there are until Christmas?  Hotel Chocolat have made a special Advent Calendar for two, so you can enjoy the run up to Santa’s arrival with someone you love.  Better still, they have given Eating Ideas one for a lucky reader to win!

The calendar is beautifully presented with 48 truffles, 2 behind every door to share with your loved one.  Behind every door is a special little message for you to enjoy every day.  Flavours include Gingerbread Praline, Pecan Praline, Madagascan Vanilla, Raspberry Rush, Butterscotch, Simple Dark, Signature Praline and my favourite, Salted Caramel Cream.

This is a sumptious selection of delicious chocolate treats.  The only decision to be made is – who will you share it with?

The winner will be selected at 12 noon on Wednesday 9 November.  Good luck everyone!

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127 responses to “Win a Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar”

  1. I’d share it with my boyfriend but he lives in coleraine so hopefully I’d get 2 to myself now and again! 🙂 I’d really like it because I tried some hotel chocolat treats when a patient bought them for the ward and they were AMAZING!

  2. I would share with my son because he’s a brilliant, smart, kind, caring and lovely child. He’s my little Irish King x.

  3. Is this how to enter? Just comment? I’m following you on Twitter & Instagram and I RTed the competition tweet.

    My household these days is just myself, my 9 year old son, and our cat Mrs Meow. So I’ve no husband to share this with anymore! If I won I would share it with my son 🙂

  4. I would have to share it with my hubby as kids get their own advent calendars. We don’t have 1. So this wld be ideal.
    However if he forgets I’ll eat the 2 lol. Well you snooze you loose lol

  5. I would share it with my OH Marty who is my rock
    Especially over past few weeks as I have been preparing for an inspection in work. I’ve been working long hours am really stressed and been have been a demon to live with as a result. He deserves this to make up for my moodiness & as a thanks for taking over all the household tasks to allow me to get on with it.

  6. I’d share with my sister Linda because she’s my bestie & recently lost her job so could do with a nice treat to cheer her up!

  7. I’d share with my hubby who is my world and works hard for me and our children a little treat goes a long way and this is perfect for the run up to Christmas and quality family time x

  8. I would share with my mum (don’t tell my husband) – she looks after my one year old while I’m at work and I would love to repay her in chocolate!!

  9. I’d share with my 15 year old son James- he’s been a wee treasure the last few days, hoovering and tidying when I’ve been working long shifts. This would be a lovely treat to show him how much I appreciate his help 🙂

  10. I would share with my daughter. Not often that mum gets a look in with the advent calendars – but this is my favourite choccie 🙂

  11. I would love to win and share with my husband we both love hotel chocolat and I always buy him a little treat when we pass a hotel chocolat shop, it’s a fab idea to do a sharing advent calendar, love it

  12. Share?? Perish the thought!! Oh well, if I must it would have to be my two work colleagues Sheena and Valerie. We do night duty in a large maternity unit and the night is always much better if these two are working with me 🙂

  13. I’d love to share this with HyunSun my new daughter in law. She’s from Korea and it’s been really fun introducing her to new tastes/foods! Naturally she already knows about Hotel Chocolat as I gave her a slab last Christmas & she’s a big fan already LOL!

  14. I would share mine with me I love chocolate and I’m to greedy to share.Posh chocolate would just be wasted on my other half.

  15. I’d share it with my dog but as dogs cant have chocolate I’d have to eat his share! I suppose I would reluctantly have to share with the husband!

  16. I’d share this with my hubby (maybe) as he’s been my rock this year when we have hit rock bottom . he’s helped me pick up pieces and got me smiling again

  17. I’d share this with my boyfriend as he loves chocolate as much as I do! It would be a lovely way to count down to the big day! 🙂

  18. I’d share it with my carer, she loved chocolate so much I fear she would leave me in bed all day if I didn’t ( Only joking)

  19. I would love to share it with my father in law. He loves chocolate and will celebrate his 78th birthday this December

  20. I’d share mine with my lovely hubby. It’d be so nice to start a new Christmas tradition of sharing an advent calendar.

  21. I wud share this with my husband, brother and sister in law, for a simple reason, they are family, & i love them a lot.

  22. I would share with my lovely mum because she accidentally left a box of hotel chocolat at our house and we couldn’t resist them.

  23. I would share with my colleagues. We have had a tough year and it would be great to share such lovely chocolates with them.

  24. I would share it with my mum who has been my rock during a recent health scare. I’d also let dad have some as he’s been fending for himself during mum’s absence … lovely people deserve lovely things x

  25. I’d share mine with my hubby Steve because he’s just got hearing aids and they are making him grumpy because they’re uncomfortable while he gets used to them. Thanks for the lovely comp!

  26. I would share it with my lovely hubby. We’ve been married for 50 years & 2 months, so we’re used to sharing & caring for each other. AND we both love chocolate!

  27. “Like to share” is a bit extreme, I’m not really fond of sharing chocolate at all! But I am not that mean, so I would share with my wonderful husband as he always shares everything with me and will go out of his way everyday to make sure that I am happy and ok

  28. HI’ll share it with my partner in the run up to our 7th year together. Met on Christmas Eve so Advent’s have been a bit of a giggle for us.

  29. I’d share with my husband, however I absolutely love the praline chocs and will probably have scoffed those before he even realises what was on offer

  30. Share it??HAH! WoUldale be too quickly in my mouth before I’d even have the chance to share!….but if I was feeling extra kind I would share with my mother! Opening a door every evening with a glass of wine sounds perfect!

    Fingers crossed xx

  31. I’d share with my sister lyanna as we never usually get an advent and don’t count down to Christmas so it would make a lovely sweet treat change for both of us!

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