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A new menu at Slim’s Healthy Kitchen

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I was invited along to try out the new menu at Slims Healthy Kitchen in Dundonald. Delicious, great tasting, healthy food. Here is how I got on. If you would like to win a £30.00 voucher for Slim's, click here-

Dining at Slim’s Healthy Kitchen

I am a fan of healthy eating but not generally when eating out. As someone who enjoys food, I really believe in indulging when dining out and being a bit more controlled when eating at home. I was a little bit anxious that Slims Healthy Kitchen would be overly healthy with kale shakes, green salads and not much more.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Slim’s is a brilliant concept, delicious tasty food but with healthy options. Slim’s view is that a balanced approach to eating is vital to healthy living. With 8 outlets across NI, there are obviously a lot of people who agree with that view.

On arrival I was delighted to see the bright, airy and welcoming décor. Neon signs welcomed myself and Mr. Eating Ideas, who was fretting that he would have to eat a Quinoa salad. He quickly relaxed when he saw the happy diners at other tables.

We were welcomed with cocktails of the house, a Mango Colada and a Strawberry daiquiri. Mr. EI is not a cocktail man, which left me with them both. Never a bad thing in my book. They were fresh and delicious with a smoothie look and feel to them. A tad dangerous perhaps as it would be easy to believe they had no alcohol in them. My eye was drawn to the sign for skinny Prosecco and I have stored that idea for future visits.

For starters, I had the spicy chicken wings £4.95), delicious grilled and served with Buffalo hot sauce. Mr. EI had the Prawn Tacos (£7.95), lots of grilled prawns with a quinoa, tomato and avocado salsa on soft tacos. (Mr. EI didn’t even realise that he was having quinoa and declared it to be fantastic!)

For the main course, I had the chicken noodles (£9.95), sesame and ginger marinated chicken with seasonal greens and fried egg noodles. Mr. EI had the piri piri tortilla pizza (£8.95), loaded with succulent spicy piri piri pizza. Both were delicious and happily we both agreed to share for double the enjoyment.

The menu at Slim’s is jam packed with delicious choices. The beauty is that you can choose how healthy you want to be. Salads, edamame beans and quinoa bowls sit alongside burgers, steaks, pizzas and pittas! We will definitely be visiting again soon!

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5 responses to “A new menu at Slim’s Healthy Kitchen”

  1. Would be lovely to win this as its so close to where I live.
    Agree wholeheartedly with your review food is yummy here and makes you feel great to know it’s healthy too xx

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